Please park in the North parking lot and enter through the gate.  Our Kid’s Check-In is available to all families in both our elementary and preschool lobby.  Due to the opening of our new elementary building we are no longer requiring weekly pre-registration.
Safety & Guidelines
We will take the following steps in order to limit the exposure and maintain safety for your children.
  1. All chairs, tables and surfaces in every classroom will be disinfected prior to kids arriving.
  2. Each child will be asked to social distance from other kids and volunteers in their classroom throughout the duration of class.
    • Birth- 3 years old and our ABIDE (special needs) classes we WILL NOT be enforcing social distancing.
  3. We will provide a sanitized set of supplies (crayons, markers, scissors, etc) for each child to use while they are attending class.
  4.  Masks are not required. It is up to parents if they would like their children to wear a mask to class.
If you have any questions please reach out to Pastor Jen Fulks, Children's Ministry Pastor, at