Develop Classes

Here at Gateway we are committed to helping your grow in your faith. We know that the world provides many challenges and we are working to provide classes on challenging topics that will help you dig deeper into what it means to follow Jesus. 
HaYesod: The Foundation
A ten-lesson program that expedites understanding of the Jewish underpinnings of Christianity. It explores the profound bonds of the Jewish people, Israel, and the Torah, establishing them as the bedrock of discipleship to Jesus. The program also challenges the adverse effects of replacement theology, thus drawing disciples closer to their spiritual origin. This study is a great program for those who've been or are considering a trip to Israel but also for anyone exploring the basis of our Christian faith.

Sundays July 7-September 15, 2024
Choir Room
Evangelism: Telling Your Story
  The vision of being a witness for Christ and sharing the gospel remains the core calling for every Christian. Yet a study by Lifeway research has shown that the majority of Christians (61%) struggle with sharing their faith. If we still have the same calling to be a witness for Christ and the same empowerment by His Spirit as the early disciples, then why is this such a struggle for Christians today? Why do we feel uncomfortable with expressing our faith in our neighborhoods and workplaces? In this 3 week course we will look at what it means to tell "your story", to tell "the story", and tools that can help.

Thursdays, August 1-15
Choir Room
If you are desiring another disciple of Jesus to help you become more attentive to how God is showing up in your life, or would like accountability in your walk with Jesus, then mentorship is for you! Please contact Lindsay Reid at or click the button below for more information.