Q. Why are we building a new Elementary space?
A. For 2 reasons, firstly we are running out of space. In the last 4 years our children’s ministry has seen 80% growth and our classrooms are reaching their capacity. In 2015 at Easter we had 206 children at Easter in 2019 we had in attendance 373 children. Secondly the current facilities need significant improvement that would be costly to update and would not fix our capacity problem.

Q. What will the new Building Project entail?
A. The new building will include a new elementary area, remodeling the old sanctuary into a new gymnasium and expanding the quad. This will add 3,000 square feet of teaching space, 54% more than what we currently have. The gym will also be renovated to give additional multi-purpose space.

Q. How much will the Building Project cost?
A. The total cost will be $4.5 million. $4.35 million for design and build and $.25 million for building permit and furniture.

Q. Will we wait until we have all the cash on hand or build right away?
A. Our current plan is to have $1 million dollars allocated to the Vision 2020 project in savings and $1.5 million in pledges. Leaving a possible $2 million to be financed.

Q. When do we plan to build?
A. Our goal is to start building the Sunday after Easter 2020.

Q. What contractor are we using?
A. We have chosen a “not to exceed” $4.15 million contract with American INC. American currently facilitates all of the maintenance on our current property and we were very pleased with the work they performed for our last Promise Project.

Q. Who is overseeing the project?
A. The Deacon Board and the Vision 2020 Team are overseeing the project.

Q. When will people give to Vision 2020?
A. You can start giving at any time through GateWay giving portals. On November 3rd we will have a first fruit’s offering and collect Vision 2020 pledges.

Q. How will Vision 2020 financially impact our current ministries and Network Missions Partners?
A. Vision 2020 will not impact any of our current budget or our Network Missions budget.

Q. Why is GateWay church asking for pledges?
A. It all goes back to planning. You deserve for the team at GateWay Church to be wise stewards of the resources invested here. Pledging helps us know if we have enough money in the months ahead to move forward. This is based on a principle Jesus taught in Luke 14:28: “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?”

Q. How do I go about deciding how much to give above my regular giving?
A. The best way to know is through prayer and planning. 2 Corinthians 9:7 says, “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

Q. What if I can’t follow through on my pledge? After I make a pledge, can I change the amount?
A. None of us know what’s in the future. You may be blessed financially beyond your imagination and be able to increase your pledge. Or you may be taken through trials that challenge your resources and have to lower or cancel your pledge. Our hope is that you can remain faithful with your pledge but we also understand challenging circumstances can change your commitment.

Q. Is a pledge amount in addition to regular giving to GateWay Church?
A. Yes. Your regular giving to GateWay Church supports the general operation of the church while your Vision 2020 pledge fulfillment goes directly to the project and construction costs.

Q. How does the building fit into GateWay's long term plan?
A. The Vision 2020 Project will set up GateWay Church  to continue reaching Visalia for generations to come.