GateWay Church has an incredible opportunity to reach the hearts of the next generation. Will you join us?

George Barna, founder of the Barna Group whose research reveals cultural and religious trends, says that by not making the next generation a priority, the church has not only missed the boat, they’ve missed the ocean.

Our History

GateWay Church, formerly First Baptist Church of Visalia, has been serving the community of Visalia for over 150 years. Through multiple pastors, locations, successes and challenges, GateWay has remained faithful to its goal of being a place for believers in Jesus to grow and not yet believers to hear the Gospel.Over the last 4 years, GateWay has increased its attendance significantly. In addition, its income has increased by about 50%. This has allowed the church to pay off an $800,000 loan in 8 months, much sooner than the leadership’s promise of 5 years. Because of the successful completion of the Promise Project’s proposed buildings and remodeling, GateWay has continued to grow spiritually, numerically and financially. Through the Promise Project, the building of the Gathering Place has enabled GateWay people to connect in a deeper way. We also built an all new Nursery and Preschool that opened up better opportunities of ministry to young families.

What’s Next

GateWay is now at the logical time to expand through building a new Children’s Elementary area, Gymnasium, expanding the Quad, and the remodel of the former Children's area to be designated for Youth. The expected outcome is continuing to share the Gospel with everyone in Visalia, bringing more children to Christ, discipling children and teens and expanding the GateWay ministry, we will not miss the ocean.

“Vision 2020 will continue the good work that began with the Promise Project and positively impact the children of Visalia for years to come!”