Grand Monday Nights - Monday's 5-6 PM
Grandparent Gathering-- Monthly Thursday Night 7:00-8:15 PM (Details Below)

Grandparents are important. As part of God’s design for the family, He has important roles for grandparents to play. We launched this ministry in November 2019 as we hosted a Conference at Gateway Church, with guest speakers John Coulombe and George Posthumus. Eighty-plus people attended. We had monthly meetings in January and February and had to stop for the Covid shut down. We are relaunching this Fall.

As a church we are committed to encouraging and equipping our grandparents for those important roles. We are planning special events and on-going ministries. We are partnering with the Legacy Coalition, a national movement to encourage and equip grandparents to be more intentional in their roles. Learn more at:

Meetings & events.

Grandparent Gathering

This Fall, starting on October 1, we will be offering monthly gatherings on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:15 PM. Here we will have teachings and encouragement on important topics for grandparents. Teachings will be led by Pastor Steve Hopper and other speakers. There will also be special presentations from guest speakers such as Larry Fowler from the Legacy Coalition.

Grandparenting— The World’s View vs. Biblical View
How can we be more “intentional” about our role as a grandparent?
Resources for grand-parenting
Book reviews— some of the best
Guest Speakers

Watch for more details on where these meetings will take place, ie. in person or on Zoom.

Grand Monday Nights

This new weekly 1-hour webinar is built to encourage and equip grandparents with resources in their spiritual role in family life. Each week there are guest speakers on important topics and is offered every Monday night from 5-6 PM Pacific time. 

Additional Events

We’re looking forward to some great upcoming events where we can connect and learn how to be more intentional in our grand parenting.

National Summit of The Legacy Coalition

October 21-22 2021—Held in Birmingham, AL. We plan to be a host site for the live stream feed. Speakers include Dr. David Jeremiah, Tim & Darcy Kimmel, Wayne Rice, Valery Bell, Kara Powell (“Sticky Faith”), comedian Ken Davis, ventriloquist David Pendleton, songwriter Scott Wesley Brown, and many more. See the website at Watch for more information and registration.