Gateway Anywhere is an initiative to equip the church to start gathering together again. Gathering together with other believers is an essential part of Christian living. We gather to hear the teaching of scriptures, to fellowship and to encourage one another in the faith.

On campus- We are reopening indoor services starting Thursday, November 19 at 6:45pm. We will have Sunday services starting November 22 at 8:30am with the choir & orchestra and 10:30am with the worship band. We hope to see you soon!
Online- For those who continue to watch online, we encourage you to gather in homes safely and start a watch party with family, friends, or your small group. We will continue to offer our online services at 8:30am (Choir & Orchestra) and 10:30am (Worship Band). If you would like to start a watch party in your home and need help with technology, fill out this form HERE and we can get in touch to help guide you through hosting a watch party.